Generating project websites: scripting

Hi guys,
I have 3 teams using Kunagi, and thus the need to be able to generate websites more automagically. For this I created a template (your project website) and edited this template so that it can be modified by a script.
Then I created a script that ploughs though the kunagi xml files and extracts the project names (label), description and team members. Then it creates the project websites (based on the project settings), generates a basic logo for the team and edits the pages so it is personalized.
not a biggie, but cool for me.
Do you want me to send it to you?

Karsten Jeppesen


Product Owner needs to review this Issue.


Wed, Mar 5, 2014, 14:48 by Witek (SM,T)


Kunagi already has the option to generate project websites. The generator is based on Apache Velocity and has access to realtime data.

Did you know about this feature? Was there a reason you did not use it?

Wed, Mar 5, 2014, 15:28 by Karsten Jeppesen

Hi Witek,
Sure I knew and I am using it, but as I understand it there is no automatical generation of a new site once you create a new project - or am I wrong?


Wed, Mar 5, 2014, 16:41 by Witek (SM,T)

Right. You have to activate it for every project.

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