Adding task "tags", better processes with testing?

Hello kunagi team!

We use kunagi as our everyday scrum-tool for a big project and it works well except its shortomings - even thought it works better than most scrum tools that are designated as version 1.0 and kunagi is not even close to that hihi ;-)

Anyways... we've developed a special development process that we are using:
- For every user story, we add DEV/ANAL task with our initial guess (it will be deleted and many smaller tasks will appear when someone starts to work on the story) and together with that we immediately add a TEST task.

When the developer thinks the feature mentioned in the story is completed, he writes/fills the svn revision, version and other information into the TEST task and the testers can start working on it immediately after that.

-> Earlier we had a special, technical user story for testing, but this is better as structurally and logically the tests should appear close to the implementation and design!
-> Also this way the story contains the full, accumulated time that we are spending on that story (including testing)
-> We used to just prefix the name of the tsk with "DEV, ANAL, TEST, BUS, ERROR"
-> "ERROR" appears btw if the tester finds something.

Of course after these prefixes, we provide a meaningful name (unless the story is so small that it writes down everything)

What my idea is, that there should be something that enables this tagging-like stuff in a visible way as we used to it now in our team - but with more filtering! I mean the biggest problem with out approach is that when we are having 50 small stories in a sprint (these days somehow it happens) it becomes hard for the test department people to keep track of where there are unclaimed test tasks in the stories - they need to scroll over the whole and try finding them (as usual find/search will find even the completed ones.

Maybe if you would let us filter our searches to the "TODO/DOING/DONE" colums (so for example filtering only in the TODO columns) that could also help and then we do not need these visual tags.

PS.: I know that there are some tag-like things but as far as I know you have to open a task to see it and that would just make everything more worse.


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