Sprint Burndown Chart Bug

Create a sprint for 1 week. ie. 10-18 +5 days. Kunagi shows End: 10-23 (Sat)
this is ok. maybe it would be better Fri.

Create one story within the story
create two tasks for the first day: 4h planning and 4h work. Close the planning task.
Create tasks for each of the following 4 days with 8h each.

Now check the burndown chart on the dashboard: It shows 100% complete at End of 10-23, not End of 10-22/start 10-23.

The total work starts at 40h. Correct. But the estimate (4h are burned) is pointing to 18h at End of 10-23?? Is this correct? Story is 10% complete, 36h remaining.

Statement from Kunagi Team

Maybe we have a bug, when working on tasks on the first day of the sprint. We will test this.


Issue is closed for Release 0.16.


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