Release 0.22

Kunagi 0.22 is out. Improvements in scrumminess are not as big as we had planned, but there is at least one thing, the Planning Poker estimation help (sto198): When playing Planning Poker, Kunagi now helps by presenting Stories and combination of Stories that have similar estimations as the card the user is about to pick.

The Release view now has a field that holds a checklist for releasing (sto197) new versions. We have also reworked how tooltips within the program work (sto194), but that should be less important for the everyday work.

As always, there is a (this time quite long) list of issues that have been fixed. Here is a complete list:

Fixed Issues

  • iss375 Resetting passwords did not work
  • iss568 Impediments can now be reopened (the action is reported in the Journal)
  • iss604 Tooltips sometimes didn't hide
  • iss562 Password login problem
  • iss557 The Whiteboard was sometimes confused about Task order. Only Todo-Tasks can now be ordered manually, the rest is done automatically.
  • iss546 After dragging entities, the collapsed/expanded state is now preserved correctly
  • iss537 Product Backlog estimation projection should now work correctly (again)
  • iss598 Users cannot be deleted anymore, because this leads to data problems; they can, however, be disabled
  • iss525 Kunagi could crash when using the navigation while an editor is open
  • iss587 fixed random Exception when opening Product Backlog
  • iss596 Kunagi now works out of the box with Jetty
  • iss473 fixed a bug where creating a user would fail on Websphere
  • iss580 Entities in PDFs are now sorted correctly
  • iss583 Kicked Stories now go to the top on the Product Backlog when kicked from a Sprint
  • iss575 users can now be configures in the project administration view
  • iss565 Numeric input via Numblock did not work


Mon, Dec 5, 2011, 04:11 by jjj

We have many unplanned tasks such as vacation within one sprint. But kunagi has no way to create/track unplanned tasks. So could you enhance this feature? Thanks.

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