Release 0.21

It has taken a while, but here it is: Kunagi release 0.21 introduces packages for Ubuntu and and installer for Windows for easy installation oh those systems. Both the formats can now be downloaded with every Kunagi release.

The packages are not exactly what you would call a in-program feature. There are, however, also several fixes of recent bugs and a couple of UI improvements, so this version is definitely worth your while.

Here we go with a complete list of what is new:

Completed Stories

  • sto184 Package for Ubuntu: Kunagi is now available as a deb package
  • sto156 Package for Windows: Kunagi is now available as an exe installer
  • sto172 no more useless JavaScript stack traces when errors arise

Fixed Bugs

  • iss544 Tomcat used to try and persist Kunagi sessions although this is not possible
  • iss472 Stories are now marked completed when there are no Tasks left (the Product Owner still has to review and accept/reject them)
  • iss529 there is now no more "Publish" button, when there is no homepage
  • iss540 in the Planning Poker screen, "Show votes" and "Reset" used the same spot, leading to misclicks when several users tried to moderate the session
  • iss545 Users can now configure a name for their Kunagi installation that appears in the browser's title bar
  • iss550 RSS feed now have unique ids, putting an end to confused feed readers
  • iss527 expanding a user block now shows the person's real name
  • iss533 renamed task "close" to "done"
  • iss397 SMTP port configuration now works correctly
  • iss526 after several failed pings, the Kunagi UI will now halt to prevent data loss
  • iss528 It is now possible to remove OpenIDs
  • iss539 the burndown chart now handles deleted Tasks correctly
  • iss547 the burndown chart now handles Stories that are removed from Sprints correctly
  • iss548 Tasks are now corretly cleared when kicking Stories from Sprints


Mon, Oct 24, 2011, 19:17 by anonymous

How can we automate putting our trouble tickets that are in HP quality center into kunagi?

Tue, Oct 25, 2011, 11:53 by Witek (SM,T)

See iss329.

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