Kunagi Team

Kunagi is developed by a distributed team:

Thanks to all contributors:

  • Congstar Hackathon Team for sending us lots of code
  • Mohamed Hedi for sending us a bugfix
  • Krzysztof Karnaszewski for a review on userstories.com
  • Olivier Weinstoerffer for LDAP code and testing
  • Axel Jung for a german review on his blog
  • Leo Wandersleb, lacimol, Aruna Gutta, Nick Godbey, Doug Brown, Sebastian Sickelmann, Ron McFarlane, Krzysztof Karnaszewski, Evan Leonard, Joscha Drechsler and all users for submitting useful feedback and improvement suggestions


You can follow us or write a review on your favorite site: Facebook, Twitter, identi.ca, FriendFeed, FreshMeat, GitHub, SourceForge, Ohloh, UserStories.com, AlternativeTo, Launchpad, Heise


You can email us via support@kunagi.org.