Roadmap for August 2010

We just started our sprint for August. Due to vacations, this sprint will be only two weeks, but we will try to get done as much as possible. The next sprint will start some time in September.

This Sprint we want to address the issue that has been complained about the most, namely the complete lack of documentation. The reason for that is that we wanted to release the software early and not get caught up in perfectionism and release date creep. Now that so many users actually want to put Kunagi into use, we reprioritized our future plans to provide basic documentation as soon as we can.

Of course, complete user documentation is not written over night, especially since we really want to capture the agile spirit we intended. But for starters, the software will get in-program explanations of all views and fields.

Not as visible, but equally important, we want to set up a framework for automatic testing of code and GUI, so that we can avoid introducing new bugs when deploying new versions.

Last, but not least, we have received quite an amount of good and helpful feedback during the last month. Thank you for that. Not only does it encourage us to work on the project, it provides hands-on information on what to focus on. It also lets us know how the software is perceived by people who have not been working on it for a year. We cannot provide that valuable information ourselves, so please feel free to keep on submitting your thoughts and ideas to help improve the software where it's needed.



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