Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the documentation?

  1. There are short installation and upgrade guides on our documentation page.
  2. The application itself contains a lot of hints and explanations in tooltips on fields and more detailed user guides on the bottom of most pages.

Where does Kunagi save the data?

When you install the kunagi.deb package, Kunagi saves data in /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/kunagi-data. On other Unixes or when using the kunagi.war webapp, Kunagi tries to create the data directory in the current working directory where the Tomcat process is started from.

When logged in as admin, you can see the data path in the System Configuration view. It is also clearly written into logs (catalina.out).

How to configure a custom directory for Kunagi data?

You can define the data directory by setting the Java system property

My data is gone! What do I do?

Check the 'Where does Kunagi save the data?' answer to understand where Kunagi saves it's data.

Note that if you start Tomcat from different locations (i. e. manually for testing and automatically later), Kunagi might use different data directories (this is Tomcat policy). From within Kunagi, it would look like lost data.

Can I contribute?

Yes, you can. There are generally two ways to contribute to the project:

  1. find and track down bugs
  2. contribute code that can be integrated into the Kunagi release

In fact, there is code in the Kunagi project that was sent in to us. You can find explanations on how to contribute on the developer guide page. However, we cannot integrate everything we receive for two reasons:

  1. it might not fit the overall concept of Kunagi
  2. integrating code means that we have to maintain it in the future (which might be too much to handle)

If you want to contribute code, make sure to pick up communication with us in advance.

Is there any commercial support?

No. But you can contact Witoslaw Koczewski to ask for availability.