Unable to run executable

i am trying to install the program but when I run the .exe it tells me it is unable to find the specified file. Here is the exact message. (Perhaps bc it is in a different language no one here could help me)

Fehler beim Erstellen des Prozesses <javaw-classpath katokorbo.jar;catalina.jar;tomcat-coyote.jar;tomcat-juli.jar;servlet-api.jar;annotations-api.jar katokorbo.Katokorbo--title kunagi--port 9061 http://kunagi.org/katokorbo.properties>. Ursache: The system cannot find the file specified.

Sorry if this is not a request you see frequntly i am just really excited about this product and cant find any help even with google!


Issue is closed.


Fri, Feb 22, 2013, 14:42 by Witek (SM,T)

Do you have Java installed? It needs to be possible to run the javaw command from the command line.

Please note that the .exe versions are good for personal use. If you have multiple users, we recommend to install Kunagi on a Debian based (Ubuntu) system.

If you have a windows server, we recommend to install Tomcat 6 manually and deploy kunagi.war there.

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