Remaining Hours does not get zero

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Assign a value for the Remaining Hours, example 3. Notice that Burned Hours is zero
2. Click Positive (+) sign in the Burned Hours twice times. Notice that Burned Hours increments while Remaining Hours decrements, in this case, Burned Hours = 2 while Remaining Hours is 1.
3. Further clicks on the Positive (+) sign in the Burned Hours would increment the Burned Hours but Remaining Hours remains the value 1.

Desired Behavior:
Remaining Hours should be zero after clicking the Positive (+) sign on the Burned Hours thrice. After which, succeeding clicks shall increment the Burned Hours while retaining the zero value of the Remaining Hours.

Statement from Kunagi Team

This behavior is intentional. Setting remaining hours to 0 means, that the Task is done. It moves to the right column. We want this to be explicitly done by clicking "Done". Otherwise it would disturb the following workflow:

Given a task with 0 burned and 3 remaining hours. The developer has worked for 3 hours but still is not done (still 2 hours remaining). Now he clicks 3 times on "burn" (+1).

We don't woant the task to get closed in this scenario. If the developer is done after thre hours, klick thre times on "burn" and then "done".


Issue is closed.


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