Clicking task in Dashboard should display the task on the screen

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Click any task in the Dashboard.
2. Notice that screen displays the Sprint whiteboard. However, if the task does not belong in the higher priority user stories, one will know that it is already opened unless the page is scrolled down.

Desired Behavior:
Tasks that are clicked in the dashboard should be displayed on the screen. If the task belongs to a lower priority user story, the page should be scrolled so as to display the relevant task.

Statement from Kunagi Team

Same as iss576.


Issue is closed.


Fri, Apr 5, 2013, 13:22 by artjom (PO,T)

As far as I can tell, this problem is more general: the view does not scroll to the entity when following links to the Whiteboard.

Tue, Jun 4, 2013, 15:29 by Krzysztof

see also - iss576, maybe should be treated as duplicate.

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