Exception on other client when new user added to project

We have a large screen Dashboard view of a project displayed for every passerby to see. This runs on a dedicated client.

We get an exception on that client every time I add a new user to the project on a different client, so I have to reload the large screen viewer display each time I add someone.

Sorry I don't recall what the exception is, but will attempt to get it next time I add a user. It does happen every time though, so I'm hoping it's easy for you to reproduce.

Version: 0.24.5


Issue is closed for Release 0.25.


Tue, Oct 1, 2013, 10:19 by Nick

I just got this error after adding a new user:

Unexpected Error
JavaScriptException: (TypeError) : Cannot read property 'c' of null

Version 0.24.5 on Ubuntu 12.04, Tomcat 6 and chrome 26.0.1410.63

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