kunagi does not start

kunagi64.exe and kunagi32.exe do not start on my Windows7 (64bit) machine.
Output of the log window:
Checking for new version...
Downloading webapp properties: http://kunagi.org/katokorbo.properties
Downloading version properties from <http://kunagi.org/katokorbo.properties> failed: kunagi.org
ERROR: Downloading from <http://kunagi.org/katokorbo.properties> failed.
Afterwards nothing more happens.

My machine has connection to internet via proxy (user / pw has to be given)

Statement from Kunagi Team

The message means that the URL kunagi.org/katokorbo.properties could not be accessed from your machine. You have probably installed some firewall in your network which you have to configure.

The Kunagi loader (.exe for Windows) does not support a proxy. To run Kunagi behind the proxy you will have to install Apache Tomcat manually and drop kunagi.war into the webapps directory.


Issue is closed.


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