Java resource usage

Hi Guys,

Can you tell me a bit about what Kunagi holds in memory and what it holds on disk. I have a growing concern that everything is kept in memory.
As our projects runs for years then we potentially are facing a meltdown. Currently "top" says Java is using 1.1G data mem.


Statement from Kunagi Team

Kunagi holds everything in memory. It writes changes to disk when they occur.

This will probably never change. We want to keep the persistence layer very simple and very fast (without communication to a database or any OR-mapping).

To solve your problem we would recommend to put more memory on your server. 1.1G is not very much today, even smartphones already have multiple gigs of RAM and Kunagi is supposed to be a server application.

If it is not possible to you to get more memory, the only other option is to delete old projects.


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