OpenID login using Google account generates an error message

With Kunagi 0.26, clicking on the Google button to login brings one to the page where the desired login account can be selected but after the account has been selected, the rendered web page returns this error:
400. That’s an error.

OpenID auth request contains an unregistered domain:

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That’s all we know.
Is there a way to work-around this?

My Kunagi instance is running on a free OpenShift account so the problem may be related to that but I doubt it since the Yahoo login works OK. I think the problem may be caused by changes to Google's OpenID support (see

Will Kunagi be modified to support OpenID Connect (or Google+ sign-in)?

Statement from Kunagi Team

Sadly, Google has dropped support for OpenID. Old "authentications" still work, but Google rejects new ones.

iss1228 needs to be implemented.


Issue is closed.


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