Export sprint tasks with details

Is it possible to export sprint details with information about users (names) and burned hours per user per task per story?

I need a data for report about each team member.

Statement from Kunagi Team

Kunagi is first and foremost a tool for Scrum. We believe that tracking hours of individual users contradicts these values central to Scrum. Instead, the whole Scrum team should be responsible for the output all together.

We are aware that such a reporting could be valuable in some cases, but we decided not to implement it, because it can be more harmful than it helps, especially because it distract from central metrics, such as the Sprint Burndown and Velocity.

Additionally, time tracking poses further problems that are better covered by time tracking tools than by Kunagi. Introducing the complexities of time tracking in addition to project management would increase effort in conceptual work, implementation and maintenance.


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