Save problems and starting problems

Hi there team,

I am doing a reserach about multiple tools for SCRUM AND i WAS TRYING KUNAGI, THEN I HAVE TO RESTART my computer and when i tried to get back to the project two things happened:

1) I did not have an easy way to return to what I was doing, I have to ask the system to create an example project so I could go back to my own project.

2) There is not a clear way of how to save your project, so I thought it was savig automatically as I do in google docs and similars, then when I tried to go back to the previous work, there was nothing, I have to start from 0.

Statement from Kunagi Team

Kunagi is a server application. It needs to be installed on a server inside of an Java Web Application Container like Tomcat or JBoss.

On Debian (or derivates like Ubuntu) this all happens automatically when installing the .deb package. On Windows you have to install the Web Application Server manually. The .exe ist just for testing, not for productive use.


Issue is closed.


Sat, Sep 26, 2015, 21:45 by anonymous

OK, about the second part, never mind. I started the desktop app and then my work came back, but still I had to call the program from the install.exe, because i did not find an exe i could use, maybe s there but windows 8 could not find it.

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