add more users to the project

best regard:

By assigning more participants in the projector I find that there are some definitions by kunagi, and it does not allow their editing limiting the organization of human resources.

I thank you in advance for any help you may have in either the procedure to add the participants or to facilitate any previous verification that does not present this bug.
The working station I manage has Windows 7 33 bit operating systems.

Statement from Kunagi Team

There are two things that you may be referring to:

1. Project participants may be stakeholder without further roles in the Scrum team. Such participants may read and write comments, but not change the project state. If you want participants to be part of the Scrum team, you must assign Scrum team roles to them.

2. Kunagi restricts actions of participants based on their role. If you hover grayed out functionality, a tooltip will tell you the reason (for instance, only the Product Owner may make changes to the Product Backlog). There is no possibility in Kunagi to circumvent this (apart from assigning all roles to all participants).

That being said, we know and understand the arguments against this feature, there are also upsides and people using Kunagi actually come to like it in terms of establishing good habits in their organization and onboarding new members. We suggest solving this by means of communication between people, e.g.: Instead of assigning a Task to Team Members, ask them to claim it. Instead of changing something in the Product Backlog, leave a comment for the Product Owner with a request and reason, etc.


Issue is closed.


Wed, Sep 19, 2018, 13:45 by artjom (PO,T)

I have left you an explanation in the "Statement". I hope, this answers your request. If not, don't hesistate to leave a comment.

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