Webapp does not start on Ubuntu Tomcat

We have installed kunagi on tomcat but when we open it in browser (http://<ip>:8080/kunagi),it shows just blank screen.

Tomcat Version 6 Tomcat Version 5
Linux Distro: Ubuntu 10.04 Linux Distro: RHEL 5.5

Here is the log of catalina.out

java.io.FileNotFoundException: /usr/share/tomcat6/webapp-data/kunagi/.lock (No such file or directory)

Can you please help?

Statement from Kunagi Team

This is a known problem. On Ubuntu, the home direcotry of the user which is running tomcat (tomcat6) is /usr/share/tomcat6/ which is not writable to the user.

The fix is to use the working directory when the home directory is not writable. On Ubuntu this would be /var/lib/tomcat6/.


  • Create the directory /usr/share/tomcat6/webapp-data/ and make it writable to the user, which is running tomcat.
  • Download and install your own Tomcat -> kunagi.org/#support


Issue is closed for Release 0.11.1.


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