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I have installed Kunagi on my windows laptop to evaluate. I now would like to move it to a Linux server. How can I move the application with all the data I have entered?


Ian Phillips

Statement from Kunagi Team

All you have to do, is to copy the data direcotry to your new installation.

Depending on the installed version the directory is either webapp-data/kunagi/ in your home directory or it is webapps/kunagi/ in the current work directory from where you start the web-application server (Tomcat).

On windows and on custom Tomcat installations, you could run into the problem, that webapps/kunagi/ is the same directory, where Tomcat stores its web applications. Then you have to exclude some contents of the directory. All you have to copy, is:

  • entities/
  • files/

Do not copy the rest of the files.


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