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Hi All,

I've got some problems using Kunagi,That is,What account can I use as the 'System Admin',or which is the default account of the administrator for Kunagi?



Statement from Kunagi Team

The default admin account is admin. The default password is geheim.

This information is displayed on the login page, until the password of admin is changed.


Issue is closed.


Wed, Dec 5, 2012, 14:59 by Vidhi

Even after changing the admin password, I still see the Warning message which now points to my new password.

How can this be corrected ?

Seen on Kunagi 0.24.2

Tue, Jul 9, 2013, 17:40 by jose

cual es la contraseƱa por defecto de un usuario nuevo

Mon, Jul 22, 2013, 11:28 by Witek (SM,T)

The default password can be configured when logged in as admin. The default password for the admin user is showed on the login page after installation.

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