Clicking on Projects should open project

For a better ergonomy I suggest the following :

After login, when we land on the project view with the list of all projects, it is not natural for the user to go to click "Open Project", rather, the user clicks on the name of the project which actually results in opening the project's settings view. I think it would be easier to take the user to the project when clicking on the project name. The "Open Project" would be then replaced with a "Edit settings", it is much more confortable for the user to have it this way I think.

Statement from Kunagi Team

All entities that are created and displayed in the program use the same type of "block" in the GUI. It has two states (expanded and collapsed), a drag handle with an id, given entity states, a title, an optional list of users and emoticons, actions and an action menu. This layout is always the same and interacting with the elements always has the same results on the GUI. Klicking on the block title expands the block. That is why klicking on project blocks also expands them. Changing that would result in incoherent GUI behaviour.

Because you usually want to open the project and not edit it, we have included an action button outside the drop down menu. Using that button you can one-click-open projects.


Issue is closed.


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