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First, thank you for Kunagi, seems like a promising and badly needed application. I started testing it and have a couple of questions already.

How do I add/remove users to a project after it has been created? I can add new kunagi accounts, that's fine, but I can't figure out how to associate these new accounts with an existing project (and associate corresponding new roles). When you create a new project you can assign users to the different roles, but I can't find that menu again once the project has been created.

Also, just to confirm, who becomes the site administrator? The first account that is created? Can I have more than one administrator? I've been trying to remove an account assuming that I am the administrator, but I can't figure out how to do it.

Thank you.

Statement from Kunagi Team

Project members and roles can be changed by the project admin in the project selection list. It can be accessed from Switch Project -> Project Selector. Please take into account that deleting users currently has unforseen consequences, if the users already made changes to project data. We recommend to remove old users from the roles or to disable, but not to completely delete or remove them from the project.

For now, there is only one administrator user, called admin. The default password is geheim.


Issue is closed.


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