Missing ilarkesto

There is no way to build Kunagi.

I've checked out source code from code.google.com, however code use a lot of stuff from ilarkesto project. I can't find any repository where alarkesto could be downloaded

Statement from Kunagi Team

Ilarkesto is our base library. It will be opensourced too, or merged into kunagi. But it isn't yet.

However, if you are really interested in looking into it, you can always download the latest version (which includes sources) from: servisto.de/projects/ilarkesto/ilarkesto.jar


Issue is closed.


Mon, Jan 9, 2012, 12:47 by jtonic

You can also get the kunagi project and its module dependency 'ilarkesto' by cloning from github.
- https://github.com/Kunagi/kunagi
- https://github.com/Kunagi/ilarkesto

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