User creation fails

Seeing an error upon creation of new users. After reload, the user is there, but it doesn't seem that I can add the user to a project.

Unexpected error: JavaScriptException: (TypeError): a.b is null stack: fad([object Object],[object Object])@ nUc()@ Nfc([object Object])@ Wfc([object Object])@ kV([object Object])@ IZ([object Object],[object Object],false)@ mZ([object Object],[object Object])@ BHb([object Object],[object Object])@ NU([object MouseEvent],[object Object],[object HTMLButtonElement])@ EHb([object Object],[object MouseEvent])@ SHb([object MouseEvent])@ cwb([object MouseEvent],[object HTMLButtonElement],[object Object])@ ([object MouseEvent])@ JG((function (a) {var b, c = this;while (c && !(b = c.__listener)) {c = c.parentNode;}c && c.nodeType != 1 && (c = null);b && Uxb(b) && cwb(a, c, b);}),[object HTMLButtonElement],[object Object])@ ([object MouseEvent])@ fileName: lineNumber: 7167 Restarting your session...

Statement from Kunagi Team

We cannot reproduce this. Closed due to lack of feedback.


Issue is closed.


Sat, Jan 8, 2011, 11:32 by artjom (PO,T)

I cannot reproduce the issue.

Could you be more specific on what configuration you use (Kunagi version, Tomcat version, Browser and Browser version).

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