Changing Stories in the Sprint Backlog

Modification of properties of stories already pulled to sprint is not possible without kicking off story from sprint.
At story creation time PO can often simply forgot to fill some test information or assign quality (proper quality can be eaven created in meantime).

When we kick off story from sprint, modify properties and pull it again we loose all started/done tasks state, owner and burned hours information.

I think that editing of story/task properties should be always possible - I have seen that there is history change information. It should be PO responsibility to notify SM about the changes and SM responsibility to notify team members.

I can understand that requirements and work scope should not be changed during sprint, nevertheless I think that we should live that to PO responsibility and leave door open.

Statement from Kunagi Team

We had a lot of discussions around this topic. We locked the properties, bacause adding new requirements, tests or qualities undermines teams commitment to the sprint. And we think, the PO should never change what the Team has commited to.

The solution would be to allow the PO to make a change request, which the Team would have to accept.

In practice, we use comments to communicate small changes or corrections from the PO to the Team.

We might do Change Requests at some point, but not now.


Issue is closed.


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