Borwser navigation is buggy

Loss of context.
Kunagi let us go to releated entities in current context (story: qualities, releated stories, releated issues) .Example would be go to releated quality using link in story details. It is often needed to just see releated entity and go back without loss of context. Link tooltip presents label it is not very helpful. Browser Back button does not work here well (in above example I need to go 4 times back to be again in my story). Loss of context is quite frustrating.

I propose in to add simple thing here - add description of entity instead of label in link tooltip (in many cases it would be enough). And to not lose context after going to releated entity I would suggest to add "Back" button on entity list label (in above example on Quality Backlog bar) which would be shown only after using link to go to that entity and would make it possible to go back to previously opened entity.

Statement from Kunagi Team

First, we have to fix the bugs with the browser navigation. Then there is sto117 and sto118.


Issue is closed for Release 0.18.


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