Nested backlog items

Organizing stories, qualities into tree or some folders.
There is often need to have stories organized when there are a lot of them. We first have some more abstract story and after time these requirements are known better and there is need of decomposition and several less abstract stories. This decomposition can be done again and again until there are stories ready for sprint and to define tasks for. With functionality of tree organized stories it could much improve PO work. It would be possible to push only leaf stories to Sprint.

Now grouping/associating stories is realized by means of themes mechanism. But themes mechanism, very powerfull by the way, in case of tree-organizing makes it possible only for one "nesting" and has only "label" information.

I think that such functionality could be usefull, what do you think?

As a simplification - some folders (label, description) could be introduced to help organizing stories.

The same could be usefull also for Qualities. By the way there is no themes mechanism in qualities and I think it could be usefull here.

Statement from Kunagi Team

Nesting/grouping Stories (apart from Themes) is not planned yet due to bloating the UI and implementation complexity.


Issue is closed.


Fri, Feb 11, 2011, 13:32 by artjom (PO,T)

Grouping Stories has been suggested before. However, we do not think that this is a viable way to go for two reasons:

  • nesting would compromise bloat the UI and compromise it's usability
  • the implications are quite wide reaching; implementing such a feature would require so much effort that other parts of the program would most probably be neglegted

You could provide us with more insight on what the roots of the problem are, so that we might try and come up with other solutions.

Fri, Feb 11, 2011, 18:16 by Krzysztof

During project development we would like to have control over work progress. By work progress I also mean what part of whole work is done and how much of work is in front of us. When we start work we have some overall conception of system we want to develop. So we write some general stories about the system. Usually these general stories are mapped to some system components and provide some big picture of what need to be done. If I would have such big picture with information of progres (story points done/todo, maybe also hours burned/left)in each area (root, subroot stories) I would feel much more comfortable and feel having control over process. It would be easier to manage project, faster react when see that in some areas work progress is not as good as expected. One of main scrum principles are inspection and transparency. Having some big picture of product progress in my opinion would be very helpful.

Now when I look to product backlog I can see all more or less detailed stories. I can see their estimations, but I do not know:
1) what functionalilty coverage is written as stories with respect to whole product?
2) how much is done from what need to be done?
3) where progress is better and where it is worse, maybe there should be some change in people allocation (some lean management)?

There are also qualities in Kunagi. Very nice thing. Now we have there some non functional requirements, general demands. As a Product Owner I would like have them organized in some way (general, testing, availability, security etc). Now we use simple name prefix to have them organized but it need to duplicate prefix of every new quality entry.

It would be very nice also to see how these Qualities are addresed in product being developed. For example which stories contains references to quality, which qualities are not referenced at all? Oh man! We did we miss this and that quality - we have to react fast and do that and that.

To summarize, I think that providing some story/qualities grouping possibility with proper progress information would be very nice and helpful thing.

There is nice control information about Sprint progress. But I can not find such information for whole product.

Im quite new to scrum and Kunagi so please do not hesitate to fix me if some of the above is not right or it can be done in Kunagi in some way.

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