Pretty URLs

Kunagi should support a RESTful URL Api to reference entities from outside Kunagi in a pretty printable style.

kunagi/projects/prj1/stories/sto3 could reference the third userstory,
kunagi/projects/prj1/impediments/imp5 could reference the fifth impediment.

Alternatively provide a mapper (kunagi/byId=X) that translates between the "nice" id and the real entity id.

Statement from Kunagi Team

This request mixes two distincted issues.

  1. Restful API (with pretty URLs) which is covered by iss295
  2. Pretty URLs for Kunagi GUI in the browser

Since the Kunagi GUI is completely implemented in JavaScript, RESTful URLS are not possible. Changing the URL would cause a reload of the page, which would delete all cached data in the users brwoser. The new page would have to load all data again. This would make Kunagi as slow as old (pre web 2.0) web applications.

What we can do, is making the history part of the URL prettier: kunagi#pro1|imp5

Created Story sto188 in Product Backlog.


Issue is closed.


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