Entity Created / More detailled Event Log

As a team memeber I would like to know about new subjects created in forum. Currently
after subject creation in Forum, there is no information about this event in event log and there is no information about the author/creator and date/time of subject creation.

The same is true for creating stories and tasks and possibly all other entities.

As Kunagi manager/administrator I should now by who and when all artifacts are created.I should be able to know the person to contact that person if I would have any problems with artifact created. Especially it is needed for team members to know story/task/subject author/owner. Fact of creation should be in event log to let users be immidiately notified.

Statement from Kunagi Team

Most of the issues mentioned are implemented in a way or another or are planned:

  • a creation event can be found in the entity's change history
  • there is no real need for (empty) subjects to raise a project event: as soon as someone posts a comment to the subject, it will be shown to other participants
  • the event journal on the Dashboard reflects all changes in the project that are important to everybody; arguably, the for creation of Stories this is not the case. We plan a complete and personalized project journal (sto112), but this is not regarded as urgent.


Issue is closed.


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