Tomcat redirects

I cannot use Kunagi from a corporate network. Indeed, I configured an apache mod_jk virtual host (http: // , port 80) mapping through mod_jk toward http: //localhost:8009/kunagi.

My tomcat listens on a couple of ports :
- 8001 (direct access, used when using kunagi at home)
- 8009 : listen AJP13 steams from the mod_jk used to access kungi from corporate networks on the port 80 (who is redirected to port 8009 as explained before)

The problem is that Kunagi probably perform redirection (see resp.sendRedirect(returnUrl); code from Kanugi servlets) and redirect to the Tomcat default URL (with port 8001) -> my browser is stuck from my corporate network because the port 8001 is locked.

What do you think ? What could I do ?

Statement from Kunagi Team

Go to System Configuration and put the right URL with the right port to Public URL.

See also iss255.


Issue is closed.


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