Corrupted Product Backlog

When working in a kunagi 0.18 hosted in a server, the PO made some changes on the Product Backlog, while the rest of the team where connected.
At some point after using the Poker Planner, every time we wanted to get to the Product Backlog, we saw something like:

Unexpected error: UmbrellaException: One or more exceptions caught, see full set in UmbrellaException#getCauses Caused by JavaScriptException: (TypeError): Cannot read property 'e' of null stack: TypeError: Cannot read property 'e' of null at aCc ( at Object.XOe [as ug]

It seems that the Product Backlog got corrupted, is there any solution for this?

The upgrade from 0.16 to 0.18 version was completed several days ago, just replacing .war file, and there wasn't any problem at that moment.


Statement from Kunagi Team

Kunagi 0.18 had some issues with the backlog, which caused crashes. Please upgrade to the current version.


Issue is closed.


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