OpenID login after failed authentication

Installed Kuangi on an intranet server (not connected to Internet, but using a 192.168.x.x i.e. private Class-C IP). By mistake, for the first time I selected OpenID login, via Google account, but that failed but post a page refresh it takes me to the dashboard logged-in as some kind of a tempuser. Seems to be a bug.


Issue is closed.


Mon, Sep 26, 2011, 12:20 by Witek (SM,T)

I have tried to reproduce this. But how did you abort the Google login?

It seams your google login did not fail and Kunagi created a user connected with your Google account. The users name is a list of weird numbers because Google does not reveal your real name or email. It sends an ID. And we take that ID as the username. But you can change that username.

Mon, Sep 26, 2011, 16:04 by Dutta B

Well, I figured that my bug report is not 100% correct. You see, my host is actually connected to Internet, but via NAT. This machine has a 192.168.1.x class IP-address (i.e. no public internet fixed IP). I usually install most of the "internal use" tools, utilities etc. inside a Virtualized guestOS which is not connected to Internet, so I mistakenly thought that I'd installed it in such a guest, but had instead installed on host. This means that the connection to google did go thru, but something did fail. Not quite sure, what exactly.

Can you try this --
1. Ensure cookies are all removed, and this is a fresh (& only) instance of Firefox running
2. Ensure that multiple google-account login feature is enabled (e.g. I have 3 gmail addresses, 1 personal, 1 for mailing-lists and 1 for some hobby work, and I always keep logged-in to all 3, but the personal one is 'primary')
3. Try to login via OpenID, linked to google account (I selected 'primary', although the other 2 were prompted)
4. Due to my machine not having an IP resolvable to a actual registered domain-name (possibly), or domain-name accepted by google, google fails this authorization request, after taking my permission to do so.
5. At this point, if I refresh page, I seem to be taken to the dashboard, which gives the impression that I've logged in.

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