Compilation problem with MenuBar

I am trying to build Kunagi with the Ant build file using the source available at

After modifying the ANT build to include ilarkesto.jar and adding it to lib folder I made some progress with the build. However I ran into an issue with ilarkesto.gwt.client.DropdownMenuButtonWidget (line 45) using the GWT MenuBar.

MenuBar.PopupPosition.LEFT. Please see error below
[java] [ERROR] Errors in 'jar:file:/C:/Projects/kunagi/lib/ilarkesto.jar
[java] [ERROR] Line 45: MenuBar.PopupPosition cannot be resolved

Can you please tell me the version of GWT that is used to compile Kunagi.
If possible can you provide a readme.txt on Google Code site to specify the versions of the dependency jars used to build Kunagi. Thanks in advance.

Statement from Kunagi Team

Ilarkesto contains a patch for the MenuBar in GWT. Therefore the class files from ilarkesto need to be loaded before the original MenuBar from GWT. The easiest way to ensure this ist to extract classes from ilarkesto.jar into WEB-INF/classes.


Issue is closed.


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