Create Story at the bottom of the PB

When creating a large number of stories in the Product Backlog, it gets annoying to continually scroll to the top of the page to click "create story" then back to the bottom to enter the details of the story.

Please add a "create story" button at the bottom of the Product Backlog page.

Statement from Kunagi Team

You can use the sto-draggable next to the Create Story action to drag new Stories into existence. They spawn where you drop them.

The button at the bottom of the page is generally a good idea, but it does not solve the problem at the middle of the backlog.

We might produce a reworked UI soon that will probably deal with view-related actions (like Create Story) in a more usable manner.

While the general problem might be solved by iss480 (or others), we will provide a button at the bottom of the Product Backlog as a temporal solution (iss744).


Issue is closed.


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