LDAP and user creation

When using the LDAP module, I am forced to allow "user creation". This allows users to create local accounts! However, all I really want is to allow new LDAP users (who already have an account in my AD) to be able to login to Kunagi.

You should be able to turn on LDAP authenication and allow any LDAP user to login, without allowing new users to create local accounts.

Statement from Kunagi Team

A user needs to have an Kunagi account to "look" into Kunagi. He needs to be assigned as participant to projects to look into them. Then he can chat with other users or comment on entities. Therefor a Kunagi user is required.

When the LDAP login is successful, Kunagi creates the user automaticly if he does not exist yet.

If you just have some people who needs to look into projects, you can use Kunagis website generation feature to export data onto a website which then can be protected by LDAP.


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