Kunagi requirements

Help to install on a "normal" webserver.

I just went through a demo of the software and it's great - then went to download to put up on our server and have no idea what you are talking about ;P

I do web development and use a 3rd party to provide the hosting for ourselves and clients. The machine srae running:
Apache version 2.2.21
PHP version 5.3.8

They always seem to handle the load we place on them running mostly installs Joomla and Magento or similar, plus custom apps running within those frameworks.

Also, have not any issues installing programs in the past, but not sure how to install Kunagi, despite reading through your instructions a few times.

The info about the general setup on the server can be viewed at:

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Statement from Kunagi Team

Kunagi requires a Java Web Container, prefferably Apache Tomcat.


Issue is closed.


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