Changing Story order in Sprint Backlog

I would like to be able to change the priority of stories in the scrum backlog.

It's part of a bigger scenario. You can't split a story while it's in the sprint so you have to kick it, then split it, but when you pull the new stories they can only appear at the bottom. That's OK for pulled stories in general - but the original user desire is still there so at least some of it needs to come back higher.

As a workround I can cycle through kicking and re-pulling all of the stories below the new desired position, but that's horrible, and would be easier to allow adjusting the sprint backlog directly.

Statement from Kunagi Team

Actually, acording to Scrum, the Sprint should not be modified while it is running, ever. Kicking and pulling additional Stories to Sprints should only be done if both, the Team and the Product Owner agree to do it (because it is clear that there is not enough or too much time, respectively). If modifications need to be made, the Sprint has to be cancelled altogether. Both scenarios should be an exception.

That is the reason why this feature is not in Kunagi.

More theoretically, a Sprint is the time during which requirements can (and will) remain stable.


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