Moving Kunagi from Windows to Ubuntu


We have problem after relocate kunagi data files from windows 7 to ubuntu lts (previously those were on an ubuntu too win should temporary purposes). The version from the "old" ubuntu working well on the freshly installed one. set to the new data.path, (url= used on windows) but we got a completely untouched login page. Empty data inside and nice app crash at first start.
On windows the data dir emptied midnight except entities-rescue, the backup version crashing.
Perhaps you've a hint how we can recover damaged? data files, and receover the service it's newest state.

Thank you for your attention!

Statement from Kunagi Team

Have a look into the server log file (catalina.out). On startup it shows which configuration file and which data path is used. Then stop Tomcat, place the data you want to use into the right directory and then start Tomcat again.


Issue is closed.


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