Some NPE

Hi, I have an exception when I take a task from a sprint user story backlog. The exception is as follows:

Call Server Service Error
ChangeProperties calling service failed.
java.lang.NullPointerException: NullPointerException: null


When I press Refresh back to the menu and was, despite the error, taken without problems.

My version is 0.22.3



Issue is closed.


Thu, Feb 2, 2012, 15:59 by artjom (PO,T)

Could you please elaborate on what exactly you do to get the Exception? I do not quite understand what "take a task from a sprint user story backlog" means.

Thu, Feb 2, 2012, 16:23 by Gaston G

I set a sprint backlog with some user stories. From the Whiteboard took a free task (slope) of one of the stories and marked as completed directly in order to move the completed tasks. In doing so, was that I got the error mentioned. Repeated the action with other tasks and did not happened again.

Best Regards

Thu, Feb 2, 2012, 16:27 by Gaston G

A more. The problem happened to me with Google Chrome.


Thu, Feb 2, 2012, 18:11 by artjom (PO,T)

So you cannot reproduce the error?

Thu, Feb 2, 2012, 21:34 by Gaston G

Correct, i cannot reproduce the error.


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