Failed Tasks

It would be nice if a task could not only be "done" but could also be "failed". Imagine the following scenario:

to keep track, a task is created in a story, to fix a certain bug. Some developer then notices a reason to not fix the bug in that story. Now he is presented with two options in the current state:

1) delete the task. That's obviously bad because someone else might come and be like "oh we wanted to fix X here, maybe the task was forgotten, i'll create one and start working on it". Also, if some discussion was made in the tasks comments, that discussion would be deleted along with the task. So that's just not a solution.

2) close the task. That's obviously bad as well because it gives the impression that the bug was fixed, which is not the case. To slightly soften the problem, the description can be adapted to "WON'T FIX: <old task name>" or something similar, but that still looks rather weird with a green check mark right next to it.

A good alternative would be to mark a task as failed or canceled, which would differ from marking it done only by the log entry message and by putting (for instance) a red X instead of the green check mark next to the task in the dashboard.

Statement from Kunagi Team

The proposed solution does not solve the problem at hand. We suggest taking the approach of marking Tasks "done" and express additional information in comments.


Issue is closed.


Thu, Mar 15, 2012, 01:12 by artjom (PO,T)

We have discussed this an come to the solution that the suggestion does not directly solve the problem it is trying to solve.

Suppose we would provide marking Tasks as "failed" additionally to marking them as "done".

Failing can mean two things: The Tasks will not be done for some reason or the Task cannot be done. For someone who sees this state, it is impossible to tell which case it is. Eventually, this leads to the need of explaining in the comments what is going on -- the same problem as with "done".

Similarly, something other than a green checkmark would create the impression, that the Story cannot be completed due to a failed Tasks. This is also incorrect with respect to your use case.

In conclusion, we think that you should use the "done" state plus necessary additional comments to express your Tasks state.

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