Features in the PB / Tasks when switchig Sprints

Thanks for the great tool.
I would like to have following to make it even better:
1. Retaining of Tasks: Once I move to next sprint, all my stories which were not "Done" are moved to Product Backlog (thats perfect), but loose all the tasks and thus the information is lost on those. If we retain those tasks associated but lock them for editing it would be a great help to track different things and to do a proper statistical look-back.
2. Coloring Stories: If we can set a color for each story, it would be very easy to visually differentiate between different features. E.g. For a Security feature we can use some color and for Reporting feature we can use different. We might add a new field as Feature in product backlog and give it a color, which is then automatically assigned to story when a story is part of that feature. (It can be optional and thus giving story a default color)

Statement from Kunagi Team

Viewing entities from past Sprints is covered by sto187.

We will not support coloring entities, because it is

  • rarely required,
  • overloads the UI and
  • introduces more configurable fields and Kunagi's paradime is to favour a selection of coherent and effective methods over configurability.


Issue is closed.


Sat, Feb 18, 2012, 12:24 by artjom (PO,T)

Quick note on 2.: What you call "features" is actually already in the tool and is called "themes". You can set Themes on Stories and Issues to group them. Kunagi will then display related Stories and Issues (i. e. related by Theme) in the entity properties. We do not, however, have coloring, and I doubt we will introduce that in the near future or at all. It would, especially in combination with user colors, be too much in terms of UI design. imagine a Product Backlog consisting of bright reds, greens, yellows and oranges.

As for 1: I just tried to switch a Sprint and pull unfinished Stories into the next ones and the Tasks are still there. So I cannot quite follow. Could you elaborate?

Mon, Feb 20, 2012, 22:43 by Nikhil Pampatwar

Thanks Artjom.
For 1, I agree I could see tasks in next Sprint. But for completed stories I cant see Burnup and comments & description. If I click on a task I get error from System (System, 11:18
Object does not exist: tsk22)
Hence, I said we should lock those tasks for doing anything but at least display it.
For 2:
I though of using Theme for color, but I can choose multiple themes for same story, hence if we color a theme we can't set single color to it. But, if we don't want a additional field as module or feature we can just allow to give color to a story so that on Dashboard its visible pretty clearly.

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