confusing ui for "Project administration"

One of my projects has only one admin and that is "admin". If I log in as "admin" I don't see any "Project administration" area any more.
Meanwhile I found the relevant place at the project selector page but as the project selector is not necessary else at all, finding it took me quite some time. The access configuration there is redundant.

I suggest to have the menu point "Project administration" also available when being logged in as "admin".

Statement from Kunagi Team

We differentiate between the system admin, who is the initial user and the only one who can do system administration. He has no admin access to project configuration.

Then there is the project admin role in a project. This is who can do the project administration.

In the not-too-distant future, we will redesign the Project Selector (sto233), which will include a new and less confusing configuration.


Issue is closed.


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