How to shut down Kunagi safely?

After loosing a complete project when we had to reboot our server, I would like to know if there is a way to shut down Kunagi safely, so the database is not damaged. We are using the Windows32 version on XP.

Statement from Kunagi Team

You have to shutdown your web application server (Tomcat) safely, then it sends shutdown events to its web applications. On windows, the katokorbo container should already do this.

When Kunagi saves data, it is first written into a temporary file. Then it is renamed to the original. We have never experienced of any data loss yet.

Still, we strongly recommend not to use the Windows version for production. We have no Windows machines and we almost never test on Windows. Perhaps an anti virus tool somehow slowed down file writing which caused your problem.

Additionally, from Kunagi 0.24, the Admin has a shutdown option.


Issue is closed.


Wed, Jul 11, 2012, 13:56 by Scott Adams

ATM windows is our only choice of O/S.

Another piece of the puzzle is that to allow the server to be rebooted when no admin is around, we have the tomcat wrapper running as a service on the windows xp machine with no one logged in.


It would be nice if there was an admin task available from the browser to tell Kunagi to disconnect all users, refuse any further connection and to indicate when it was safe to reboot.

This would also be useful when we do our backups too!

Thu, Jul 12, 2012, 09:27 by Witek (SM,T)

If you have to use Windows, I would recommend to install the Windows version of Apache Tomcat 6. I think they already have a windows service wrapper included, which allows a clean shutdown. Then just put the kunagi.war into Tomcats webapps directory.

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