LDAP Login bug (probably)

I have been trying to convince the company I work to start using Kunagi for their scrum activities, yet it seems doomed:(

After all I convinced my boss to give it one more try with a fresh install that is hooked up to our LDAP server for authentication.

I created a project with 2 user stories and let 2 of my bosses login so that their accounts would be created. All went well so far.

Then the next day I added the users to the project and asked them to login to play around a bit.

Yet one boss couldn't and the other didn;t want to use Kunagi anymore:(

Before I would delete the install I was wondering if you would need something from me to check what was wrong?

The user that tried to login got the error: "user .... already exists". Which is the case ofcourse, but why can't he login?

The error.log shows nothing.

Goodluck! I like Kunagi and think it is a great project!


Issue is closed.


Mon, Aug 6, 2012, 08:32 by Witek (SM,T)

Do you remember what exactly was the error message? Did it realy begin with "user ..."? Was "..." the username or the email?

I need the exact information to provide you a exact answer. But it seams it has to do with Kunagi's checks for duplicates. Users must have different usernames and different email addresses. Perhaps your LDAP configuration provided the same values for different logins?

Wed, Aug 8, 2012, 16:02 by willem

I don;t remember the exact error message, but we had only three users, and it only happend with one user account (the one of my boss, so I am some what reluctant to ask him to login again).
What I do know is that Kunagi created a new user file everytime this user wanted to login. Furthermore the bug was reproduceble since it happend on to different installations with the same user account.

I am very sorry that I can not give you more info, the latest install got removed by my boss.

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