Project Vision

I've inputed Project Vision somewhere (I didn't remember exactly where, but I remembered the tooltip said to write a vision in that dialog box) and successfully saved it (actually clicked Finish button, there is no "save").
I can't get back to it. I tried to look for it, the most likely place should be Project, but in the Project there is no Project Description anywhere, when I clicked the Project menu, list of Impediments is the default view.

Shouldn't there be a project description somewhere that shows the project brief/vision? Maybe I just missed it, can you tell me where I can find the Project Description/Vision?

Statement from Kunagi Team

You can find it under Administration -> Project Administration.

To explain why this information is hidden away: It was meant as a text to be exported to a website or similar. As for the submenu "Project", it refers to the ongoing Project, i.e. things that are related with the process of creating the product.

We plan to rework some of the Project-stuff in the near future (sto233) and we will keep your input in mind.


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