Confused on "Burned" and "Remain" # hours when create or claim the task

Can you describe a bit more on this process? how are these two # are linked or under some conditions they are not linked. what is the best practise of how to use them for task planner or owners? thanks.

Statement from Kunagi Team

The initial value for remaining hours is the time planned to complete the Task. If you increase the burned hours, the value for remaining hours is decreased accordingly (you are said to "burn" the planned hours). A Task is completed when the remaining hours are 0 (this is why initially, it is 1, the current minimum value).


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Wed, Jun 19, 2013, 14:25 by Rick

Should the remaining hours be updated to reflect a new estimate if necessary as the task is worked, or should it be left alone once set and only updated by adjusting burned hours or by clicking Done? I'm wondering if the initial estimate is used to correlate points to hours or as a live indication of the work remaining in the sprint

Wed, Jun 19, 2013, 20:18 by artjom (PO,T)

I would suggest to adjust the value if your estimation changes. The burndown chart will reflect such changes as vertical jumps.

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