Error extracting webapp Kunagi 0.24.1

I've just updated to Kunagi 0.24.1 from the 0.24 version getting this error:
Checking for new version...
Downloading webapp properties:
Available version: 0.24.1
Installed version: 0.24.1
Available version is not newer. Using installed.
Extracting web application <C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXXX\.katokorbo\\webapp.war> to <tomcat-work\webapps\ROOT>
Startup failed.
ERROR: Extracting webapp file <C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXXX\.katokorbo\\webapp.war> to <C:\DOCUME~1\XXXXXX\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP001.TMP\tomcat-work\webapps\ROOT> failed.

Any quick workaround??

Statement from Kunagi Team

Please try to find out why the webapp file can not be extracted. Is it even there? You can rename the file to and check if it can be extracted.

The workaround would be to install Tomcat 6 from and deploy the kunagi web application manually (download kunagi.war and put it into the webapps directory).

The easiest way to run Kunagi is on Debian/Ubunut. Just install the package.

Sorry, we have no Windows users on our Team to provide a better solution.


Issue is closed.


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