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This request is something similar as the one described in iss607

It would be great to have some more details about progress of burned/estimated hours for tasks during the sprint.
This way it could be possible to see if Team is doing something wrong in estimations. ie, if Story with 2 points ends up with more hours than story with 5 points....
That kind of data would be good material for Retrospective discussions.

Perhaps it is hard to present this in some graph, so my proposal is to to track changes in some table.
Here is proposal how table could look:
Time |User|Story name|Task name|Burn hours change(+-)|Remaining hours change(+-)|Sprint Re-estimation (+- points)|


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Tue, Feb 4, 2014, 23:13 by artjom (PO,T)

I think this is a metric that is not as helpful as it may seem. I don't agree hat there should be a perfect mapping between Story Points and hours. After all, if you have a bad day, make some mistake or work on the task because you want to train some skill that you are not an expert in, you may invest more hours that "usually". This does not change the estimation of complexity though.

On of our design principles is to avoid metrics that are not crucial for Scrum. Thus, we capture and display burndown and velocity and avoid other and excessive statistics.

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