Kunagi is busy blocking after login

Version: 0.24
Browser: at least Chrome and Firefox on Ubuntu and Windows
Web server: jetty 8

After logging in (Dashboard is visible) user input is hardly possible because the application is busy. The client seems to send hundreds of requests to kunagi/scrum.ScrumGwtApplication/scrum in a loop. The CommunicationIndicatorWidget turns red. If you make it to show the state information, you can see that the activeServiceCallCount field is crowded with "RequestEntityByReference" strings.
If the browser does not stop Kunagi from running, Kunagi works normal again after ~30 seconds.

This issue was suddenly visible without any special action taken before.


Issue is closed.


Tue, Jan 22, 2013, 17:56 by Arne Möhle

It seems that this issue was related to some locale setting on the server that had changed unexpectedly. Probably utf8 characters were not correctly treated. It works again now. Sorry for the confusion!

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